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  - Geography of Shia Killing
Geography of Shia Killing
This report aims to cast a quick glance at a few examples of countries where Shia minorities or even majorities are target of massacre, restrictions and acts...
  - Gender Dogmatism
Gender Dogmatism
Throughout history the search for identity has been an integral part of what we recognize as the human experience. The existential struggle to discover who...
  - Freedom of Information Act
Freedom of Information Act
Free access to information in developed and developing societies is one of the tools and precursors of democracy and human rights, is used to prevent...
  - Family Doctor Programme
Family Doctor Programme
Numerous articles of the Constitution law and legal system of the Islamic Republic of Iran recognise health as a fundamental right. In this regard in the...
Page 11 of 15 | Total Records : 292 | 200 - 220