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 Middle-East - Sound and Dust Storm
Sound and Dust Storm
environmental issues should be addressed together with economic and social issues in an integrated and balanced manner by promoting and addressing interlink...
 Middle-East - Understanding Iranian threat perceptions
Understanding Iranian threat perceptions
A pervasive perception in US policy circles and among US allies is that Iran seeks hegemony in the Middle East. Israel and other regional states often claim...
 Middle-East - Trump’s dreams for the Levant land
Trump’s dreams for the Levant land
The Friday U.S. missile attack on the Shayrat airfield in Syria can mark the beginning of a different political-security era in the burning Middle East.
 Middle-East - The Roots of Violence in the Middle East
The Roots of Violence in the Middle East
Extremist and violent religious tendencies are not the cause of viciousness and violence but such behaviours are rooted in other fundamental factors which...