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 Saudi-Arabia - Trump's ISIS challenge
Trump's ISIS challenge
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump declared that destroying ISIS would be his top foreign policy priority. He signaled his seriousness about...
 Saudi-Arabia - Geography of Shia Killing
Geography of Shia Killing
This report aims to cast a quick glance at a few examples of countries where Shia minorities or even majorities are target of massacre, restrictions and acts...
 Saudi-Arabia - Saudi Arabia’s Activities in Yemen and International Human Rights Mechanisms
Saudi Arabia’s Activities in Yemen and...
Two months have passed since the controversial announcement of the inclusion of the names of Saudi Arabia and its coalition in the UN black list of countries...
 Saudi-Arabia - Continuation of Extensive Human rights Violations in Saudi Arabia
Continuation of Extensive Human rights...
Executions continue in Saudi Arabia, and following the execution of 47 people, including Sheikh Nimr, that took place early in 2016, which was met with...
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Page 2 of 2 | Total Records : 31 | 20 - 31