ODVV’s Presence in the 36th Session of the Human Rights Council

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Publish Date : 10/02/2017 17:24
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ODVV’s Presence in the 36th Session of the...
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ODVV’s team of representatives and experts took be part in the 36th Session of the Human Rights Council as part of their international activities.

According to ODVV public relations, the main part of the activities in the 36th Session which took place from 11 to 29 September in Geneva were as follows:
Preparing Written and Oral Statements
In this Session the ODVV submitted 3 oral and 6 written statements. Some of the subjects of these statements are as follows: 

The Situation of Myanmar Muslims, arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the human rights situation of Occupied Palestine, Islamophobia and Shiaophobia, unilateral coercive measures and the human rights situation, controversial remarks of US President Trump on Charlottesville and other remarks,
Preparation of Reports on Sanctions as Blatant Violation of Human Rights Violations
Due to the importance of the subject of sanctions for Iran, and due to their negative effects on ordinary citizens, the first of a collective of reports “Sanctions for the Benefit of Human Rights Violations” was prepared by the ODVV with a stress on sanctions on drugs and medicines and distributed at the Session.
Defenders Newsletter
No. 35 of the Defenders quarterly was on subjects such as the refugee crisis and the EU, systematic human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, the link between peace and tourism, arms sales and human rights violations. Defenders was distributed before and during the 36th Session.
Sidelines Panels on Yemen
Due to the importance of human rights in Yemen, the ODVV held two sidelines panels on the subject, one on “human rights in Yemen, children and cholera” on 20 September with the presence of Yemeni lawyers and human rights activists, and another on 22 September on “human rights in Yemen, human crisis” again with human rights activists from Yemen
Preparation and Publication of a letter by Iranian NGOs on Myanmar
During the Session, and to condemn the horrors taking place in Myanmar, the ODVV and more than 30 Iranian NGOs, in a statement that they issued, while condemning the killings of Myanmar Muslims, called for the international human rights community to investigate the situation of the Muslims in the country.
ODVV’s Joint Action with 700 Journalists in Condemning the Myanmar Tragedy
More than 700 domestic and international journalists and the ODVV in a joint action issued a letter addressed to the UN Human Rights Council calling for international community to investigate the killing of Myanmar Muslims. The letter and a list of the signatories was handed to the members of the International Fact Finding Group on Myanmar after the Session.
Meeting with the Special Rapporteur on Unilateral Coercive Measures and His Assistant
Following the meeting on unilateral coercive measures at the Council, the ODVV representative had a meeting with Idris Jazayeri the Special Rapporteur on Unilateral Coercive Measures and his Assistant, to review and discuss ways in which promote mutual cooperation and ways in which NGOs can be of assistance to his mandate. 
Also in this meeting a copy of the report “Sanctions as Blatant Violation of Human Rights Violations” was presented to Mr. Jazayeri.






“ ODVV’s Presence in the 36th Session of the Human Rights Council ”