Presence of the ODVV in the 6th Session of the Forum on Minority Issues

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Presence of the ODVV in the 6th Session of the...
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The representatives of the ODVV participated in the 6th Minorities Session in the framework of 6 items, which was eld on 26-27 November 2013 in the European Headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and read two statements.

According to the ODVV public relations in this Session which took place with the participation of NGOs, six items, the approval of the programme and organizational work, legal framework and key concepts, support for the existence of religious minorities and prevention of violence against them, promotion and protection of religious minorities' identity, promotion of fair reciprocal dialogue and summation. The ODVV presented two statements in two of the two items of promotion and protection of religious minorities' identity, promotion of fair reciprocal dialogue and summation.
The issues that further requre the attention of international mechanisms towards the rights of Shia minorities and extremism and defending the rights of minorities rights were the subjects of the ODVV two statements. The statements are as follows:

One of the most important challenges of the governance of any country is the reduction of disputes related to cultural, social and religious differences. The diversity of cultures in any country can be seen as an opportunity and on the other hand in the event of disregard result in grave violation of human rights as well as violence, and also be seen as an important threat for any country.
Understanding the importance of this subject the international community in various international conventions and covenants stresses on the observation of the rights of minorities and refraining from violence, and allocated important conferences such as the Minorities Form for the solving of minorities issues.
Nonetheless the world continues to face the violation of minorities rights, and the existing solutions have not been able to result in the full observation of minorities rights. One of the important reasons that violence reduction solutions have not brought results is the extremism and violence of goups who for the sake of the protection of minorities rights resort to acts of terror and spreading of fear, and the outcome of these actions have not only not led to the observation of minorities rights, but they have increased violence within society too.
Also some political groups and even countries exploit the situations of minorities in other countries and on the pretext of the defense of minorities rights and in pursuit of their political objectives, through the public order and calm of the society into chaos and take violent measures such as assassinations and bombings.
While condemning any form of extremism and violence, our NGO believes that for so long as there is not a comprehensive view towards the solving of minorities problems, and the role of extremist and opportunist groups who on the pretext of defending minorities rights entice and commit violence are not considered, violence shall continue to be committed against minorities. This NGO stresses that new and deeper solutions must be considered for the protection of minorities, and various aspects of minorities related issues.
This NGO believes that the intertwining of minorities rights related issues and the condemnation of the role of extremist groups can play a significant role in the realisation of the rights of minorities.

Attention towards the rights of minorities as a component of human rights, has always been one of the principles of the activities of international organizations and institutions. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to religion and belief is a fundamental right, and freedom of religion is
The right to same equality as the majority, the right to a healthy environment, the right to education with attention to minority characteristics are all rights that must be considered for all minorities.
This is while Shia minorities in many countries are not only deprived of their rights, but also they are faced with numerous problems and abuses. Various discriminations over time in Saudi Arabia is indicative of the fact that the Shia minorities have continuously been under pressure and cannot enjoy their fundamental rights alongside ordinary citizens, and furthermore gain access to political, economic and social positions.
In spite of demographically the Shia in Bahrain are not a minority, but politically they are deemed a minority and any form of peaceful objection towards the existing discrimination is met by government crackdown.
In Pakistan, the Shia minority is targeted by acts of violence of terror groups, and there are no protection mechanisms for them.
The aforementioned instances alongside many other cases show the increasing violence committed against the Shia minorities around the world, which requires the special attention of international institutions and mechanisms.
Although international mechanisms for the implementation of minorities rights principles to-date have seen a lot of changes and improvements, but the conncection between minorities related issues are some of the instances that with attention paid towards them a better future can be guaranteed for minorities rights at the international level.
Welcoming the activities and he reports of the Special Rapporetur on Minorities, this NGO does not deem minorities issues to be solely his mandate and the minorities working group, but the extent and interconnection of minorities issues calls for other Human Rights Council mandate holders such as the Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, peaceful assemblies, freedom of religion and belief, should seriously pursue the rights of Shia minorities around the world.

“ Presence of the ODVV in the 6th Session of the Forum on Minority Issues ”