Strong Presence of the ODVV in the 25th Session of the HRC

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Publish Date : 04/05/2014 0:00
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Strong Presence of the ODVV in the 25th Session...
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Continuing with its international activities, the ODVV experienced its strong presence in the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council. According to ODVV public relations the Session was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 3rd to 28th of March. Below are the highlights of the activities:

The Opening of ODVV's Representative Office in Geneva
On 12 March ODVV representative office in Geneva was officially opened in a ceremony with the presence of representatives from Geneva based international agencies, Iranian and international NGOs, Iranian and international university lecturers and other guests. The ceremony began with the welcoming speech of ODVV director followed with the showing of a film introducing the ODVV's activities. Reciting poetry alongside the playing of the Iranian flute was another event of the ceremony. While congratulating the opening of the Geneva representative office, representatives from international organizations announced their readiness to cooperate with the ODVV. At the end of the ceremony traditional Iranian refreshments were served to the guests.

Holding of panels on "Islamophobia and Violation of Human Rights" and "Violation of the Rights of Shia Minorities"
Another important part of the ODVV activities in the 25th Session was the holding of two sideline panels on Islamophobia and Violation of Human Rights and Violation of the rights of the Shia Minorities.
According to the ODVV in the first panel which was held on 13 March, experts from France and Lebanon alongside Iranian film maker and Oscar nominee Majid Majidi who has recently finished directing Mohammad (PBUH) movie participated in the panel.
The second panel was held on 14 March with the participation of experts from the United States, Lebanon and Bahrain alongside the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief Mr. Heiner Bielefeldt, and gave speeches. At the end there was a Q and A session for the participants.

Other activities
Other activities of the ODVV included the reading of oral statements, meeting thematic rapporteurs, distribution of ODVV newsletter, books, multimedia CDs, as done on previous participations.

“ Strong Presence of the ODVV in the 25th Session of the HRC ”