Education Workshop on Freudian Psychotherapy: from Theory to Practice in Therapy Session Held

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Publish Date : 05/16/2017 10:02
The one-day Education Workshop on Freudian Psychotherapy: from Theory to Practice in Therapy Session was held on 9 May, 2017 in the conference hall of the ODVV.

According to the ODVV public relations this one-day workshop that was entitled the “psychoanalytical approach for improvement through dialogue in various pathologies, was held between 10am and18pm with the presence of John Lock, psychotherapist and Nice University professor and 30 psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists.
The following topics were taught comprehensively and in detail to the audience: 1 – To explain the consequences of the discovery by Sigmund Freud of the primacy of the radical otherness in the creation of the unconscious and that of the human sexuality; 2 – studying through the historical background of psychoanalysis, the major concepts, always referring to the clinical basis; 3 – A thorough understanding of psychoanalysis and psychology in order to better assess the functioning of the human psyche, its desire, its identity and its place in the social group; and 4 – To give clinicians many efficient means in their daily work.
Also the participants of this workshop were introduced to discussions such as: a method of treatment of the neurotic disorders, presentation and exegesis of the psychoanalysis, from early childhood to adolescence, the cataclysm of puberty and the various adolescent addictions, a process of investigation of the psychic processes, the basic rules of the analytic session, conditions for the commencing of therapy session, The Freudian “setting”: from the face to face to the sofa. How? Why?, The differences between psychiatry, psychology and psychoanalysis, the fundamental situation of anthropology according to professor John Le Planch theory, trauma, sudeen developments, and various addictions among youths, physical comfort.
The workshop ended with a Q&A session and presentation of credible certificates of participation to the attendees.