ODVV Holds the Commemoration of the International Day in Support of Torture Victims

News ID : #710
Publish Date : 06/29/2016 15:49
This ceremony with a focus on the rehabilitation of torture victims to return to living was held by the ODVV.

According to ODVV public relations, at the start of the ceremony ODVV director, Siavash Rahpeik while stressing on the collective efforts to minimise acts of torture, he said: “the ODVV has continuously utilised all its capacity and effort to take practical and notable action towards the rehabilitation and empowerment of torture victims through provision of psychological services.”
The ODVV director deemed the translation of the Istanbul Protocol and the drawing of the cooperation of the Coroner’s Office of Iran to publish this book and being active in important situations for provision of recommendations to decision makers on related issues as resolute actions of the ODVV towards the full ban on torture.
Next the UN Secretary General’s message for the day was read by UNIC in Tehran deputy Mr. Mohammad Rajaee Moghadam. Expression of concern over the existence of torture against women and children, reiteration on the prohibition of acts of torture and the need for UNFPA to provide financial assistance to governments were some of the noted parts of Ban Ki Moon’s message.
Next a workshop was held on rehabilitation methods for torture victims to return to living by Dr. Mir Saeed Jaafari, and with the presence of psychology, counselling, behavioural sciences and social work students.
The definition of the victim and torture, torture as crisis experience, types of crisis experiences, objectives in provision of assistance to the torture victim, provision of assistance to the torture victim techniques, practical strategies for assistance and protection of the torture victim, and the need to receive social and legal support for the protection of the torture victim and return to living were the important subjects presented by this member of university science group.