Evaluation of the Functionality of the UN in the Prevention of Human Rights Violations Technical Sitting

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Publish Date : 08/24/2016 10:41
The technical sitting on the Evaluation of the Functionality of the UN in the Prevention of Human rights Violations, with a stress on Israel and Saudi Arabia was held by the ODVV.

According to ODVV public relations, this sitting was held on 3 August 2016, Mr. Hossein Gharibi Ministry of foreign Affairs anti-terror senior expert, Dr. Amir Saed lawyer and university lecturer and international disputes legal consultant, and Dr Mahmoudreza Golshanpazhooh senor expert on human rights gave speeches in this sitting.
At the start of the sitting, Dr Golshanpazhooh spoke of the reasons behind the concentration on the subject of Saudi Arabia and Israel and said, “the UN’s recent actions in appointing Israel to head the General Assembly’s Sixth Committee and Saudi Arabia putting pressure on the Secretary General to retract his report on children, were strange actions that have been taken by the UN in the recent years. And the question and doubt is raised in public opinion that how much can there be hope for the UN?”
While deeming these types of UN actions as bad, Dr Amir Saed believed the UN was an unavoidable entity and said: “the eroded and old structure of the UN, the existence of 5 permanent members who represent a particular number of countries, the expansion and growth of the UN to an extent where there is no possibility of its careful and direct monitoring, and the growing demands of the international community and competing to get seats in the UN, are some of the faults that can damage the functionality of the UN.”
While stressing on the necessity for the existence of the UN in the present international community’s conditions, Mr Hossein Gharibi said: “These restrictions and criteria in fact shape the UN and a world without the UN will not be a better world than today.” He also pointed to a number of politicised decisions of the UN and deemed these types of decisions as a result of the existing faults and limitations within the UN such as serious financial limitations.
The sitting ended with a Q&A session with the participants.

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