The Formation of Women’s Cultural-Social Council

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Publish Date : 01/13/2018 16:32
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The Formation of Women’s Cultural-Social Council
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In a new measure, the Women’s Cultural-Social Council will be formed in Ghazvin Province for the identification of women’s problems. By setting up smaller committees under different titles, in this Council action can be taken to identify challenges in the way of women and remove these challenges

For the purpose of full accomplishment of the intended goals for the promotion of the status and rights of women, practical action must be taken. Article 101 of the 6th Development Programme* is to do with gender justice and since still among a section of the society, gender equality culture does not exist. These clichés cannot swiftly be changed, therefore for this reason, the subject of gender justice is to be studied in governmental bodies. According to some officials even the strengthening of the family institution depends on women and their status. Therefore attention must be paid to the demands of this group of society. The empowerment of women heads of household is also another important topics with regards to women’s situation, which has been noted by the legislator in article 80 of the Sixth Development Programme.


Advisor to the provincial governor and the director general of Ghazvin Province Women’s Affairs, Maasoomeh Moradian said: “the Women’s Cultural-Social Council will be set up to identify women’s problems. Also local learning centres have been set up in villages and the suburbs which alongside literacy education, skills training is also in their programme. These centres can be effective potentials to draw women towards learning various skills and rights and health education. Also social toleration programme has been defined where following a 36 hour course, facilitators can provide necessary and needed trainings to vulnerable women and their families in a 60 hour course.”


It must be said that for the first time in 1997, the Women and Family Cultural-Social Council associated to the Cultural Revolution High Council was founded. Policy setting and general planning for creating suitable basis for the development of women’s character, in various political, cultural, social, economic and family aspects and creation of necessary coordination in these matters, are in the programmes of this Council. The Council’s programmes must first be reviewed and debated by specialised committees and then put in the working agenda of the Council. Following the approval of the Council’s proposed programmes, following the approval of the Cultural Revolution High Council, are enforceable for the whole country and in all departments.



* The economic, social and cultural development programmes of the Islamic Republic of Iran are mid-term programmes that arranged by the government for a five year period, and approved by the Islamic assebmly (Iranian Parliament).


“ The Formation of Women’s Cultural-Social Council ”