More Americans are killed annually by white Americans than foreigners

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Publish Date : 01/20/2018 12:03
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More Americans are killed annually by white...
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Between 2001 and 2017, more Americans have been killed in attacks by homegrown right-wing extremists with no connection to Islam than by Muslim terrorists or foreigners.

When President Donald Trump signed his executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, he claimed it was to protect Americans from “radical Islamic terrorists.” But in fact, threat has come from a very different kind of attacker, one with no ties to religion generally or Islamist extremism specifically.

For instance, in the United States in 2017, according to the government data, eight events took place on American soil that were classified as acts of terrorism. The combined death toll from all eight terroristic acts in 2017 is 12. Twelve people were killed on American soil by other people attempting to make a political statement through an act of violence and yet we are told the threat of terror inside the United States is at an all-time high.

However, there is another number that is particularly worrisome and it has to do with how many people American police have killed this year. As of the publishing of this article, the number of people who’ve been killed by police in 2017 is 1,184. This is nearly 100 times the number of people killed by terrorists inside the United States this year and yet the government and the media at large remain entirely silent on this violent epidemic.

Televisions and politicians constantly remind us of this essentially nonexistent terror threat while ignoring the very real threat from law enforcement. The victims of law enforcement are written off by society because their guilt is assumed and therefore they are dehumanized easily dismissed. However, not a single one of these 1,184 people who were killed by police in 2017 had a chance to be proven guilty. Many of these victims were unarmed and innocent—some of them were even innocent children.

Why is it that cops in America kill more people than any other civilized country? Do they have a higher crime rate? The short answer is no. If we look at the United Kingdom, their total crimes per 1,000 citizens is 109.96. This is a whopping three times more than the United States whose total crimes per 1,000 is only 41.29. However, police in England have only killed a total of 4 people in 2017. Cops in America have killed close to 300 times more than them.

But America has a much larger population than England and therefore these numbers don’t equate, right? Wrong! China, whose population is 4.5 times the size of the United States, hasn’t recorded a single killing by law enforcement officers in all of 2017.
In fact, more people were killed by American police in just the last four days than were killed in 2017 in Germany, England, Spain, Switzerland, and Iceland, combined.
It is also important to point out that US citizens aren’t attacking cops either as 2017 was one of the safest years for police officers in the last five decades.

Let’s take a further look at some statistics in the united states in 2017:
- More people died from police violence than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in action around the globe (21).
- More people died at the hands of police than the number of black people who were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow (161 in 1892).
- Cops killed more Americans than terrorists did (four).
- They killed more citizens than airplanes (13 deaths worldwide), mass shooters (428 deaths) and Chicago’s “top gang thugs” (675 Chicago homicides).

It seems that the lack of punishment police receives for brutality and killing encourages this violent and irresponsible behavior.


From January 2008 to the end of 2016, 63 cases of Islamist domestic terrorism were identified, meaning incidents motivated by a theocratic political ideology espoused by such groups as the Islamic State. The vast majority of these (76 percent) were foiled plots, meaning no attack took place. while during the same period, right-wing extremists were behind nearly twice as many incidents: 115. Just over a third of these incidents (35 percent) were foiled plots. The majority were acts of terrorist violence that involved deaths, injuries or damaged property.

In Trump’s very first speech to Congress, he claimed that “the vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since September 11 came here from outside of our country.” But only 36 perpetrators or alleged perpetrators were foreign born (13 percent of the total: 201 ones), and only three of them came from a nation listed in his travel ban. A Department of Homeland Security analysis likewise found that citizens of nations named in the ban are “rarely implicated in U.S.-based terrorism.”

In fact, the country home to the biggest number of terrorists who have carried out successful attacks inside the US is the US itself. Between 2001 and 2017, more Americans have been killed in attacks by homegrown right-wing extremists with no connection to Islam than by Muslim terrorists or foreigners.
As Trump fixates on violence in name of radical Islam, white supremacist terrorism flares.




“ More Americans are killed annually by white Americans than foreigners ”