Education and Sports Courses for Child Labourers

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Publish Date : 01/24/2018 14:30
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Education and Sports Courses for Child Labourers
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In a new move, the director of Tehran Municipality’s Social Services Organization announced the holding of classic education and sports courses for child labourers with the cooperation of the Sports Organization and the Nearu Martial Arts Association.

Child labourers are boys and girls under the age of 18 who in their struggle for survival live or work on the streets of big cities. There are approximately 250 million child labourers between the ages of 5 and 14 around the world, and according to the data of the National Statistics Centre there are approximately 1.7 million child labourers in the country and there are around 2000 in Tehran. Therefore the organising of street children and child labourers is one of the most important challenges of civil society activists and the city officials of densely populated provinces, particularly Tehran.

Taking the responsibility of street children and child labourers requires the adoption of service measures so that these children can enjoy better physical and mental conditions. To this aim and for the boosting of their spirits and increasing happiness and mental and moral development, the creation of a suitable base for distancing from tense situations and difficulties of work, and also discovering and developing their individual abilities, Tehran Municipality has taken steps to hold education and sports courses and signed contracts with a number of sports clubs.

The director of the Tehran Municipality Social Services Organization, Reza Ghadimi said: “We are all responsible for the critical conditions and situation of street children, in our human duty. Children are the investment and wealth of every society which with attention to their emotional sensitivities, must receive special protection, which the city management has managed to take some steps to an extent in this regard through the use of existing infrastructures and facilities.


Also in the organization of vulnerable and socially damaged children of Tehran plan (2014), towards the city management policies based on the prevention of social damages in vulnerable districts and provision of special services to street children and child labourers, education services are provided for children deprived from education. As well as learning in these centres, children are fed hot meals, shower, and receive things like clothes and stationary all free of charge in these centres.

It must be said that various NGOs also cooperate in this regard such as the Imam Ali Students and Popular Aid Society, Kousha Child Labourers’ Cultural Support Assocation, Association for the Protection of Child Labourers, Children’s Blossoming Talents Association, Vulnerable Children’s Assistance Assocation, Promotion of the Living Quality of Iranians Charitable Institute.





“ Education and Sports Courses for Child Labourers ”