Some Notable Successes in Women’s Sports in Iran

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Publish Date : 05/04/2018 23:26
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Some Notable Successes in Women’s Sports in Iran
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For the first time after 70 years of the presence of weightlifting in Iran, the women’s national weightlifting team made up of 4 athletes and a coach are participating in international competitions.

The head of the Iranian Weightlifting Federation said: “Participating in sports, women will have a lot of influence in the country’s sports and social issues, and if we are indifferent about it, we will have made a strategic mistake and because of this women’s sports must be fully supported; because through preservation of religious and national values in international events, veiled Iranian women, will nullify the poisonous propaganda that exists against our country.”

Pointing out the presence of his vice-president in Iran and holding of a weightlifting training course for girls, the president of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) said that: “On the International Day of Women, this Federation strengthened its commitment towards the development of women’s weightlifting and creation of equal opportunities between men and women.”

248 weightlifters from 33 countries took part in the competition which began on 23 April. For the first time Iran took part in the women’s weightlifting completion. Our country’s women’s kit for the Asian championship was chosen by the Sports Ministry and been approved by Ursula Papandres the vice-president of the IWF and the president of the USA Weightlifting Federation.
She had gone to Ahwaz, Iran to teach in the Corrective Technique Education Workshop.

Women’s sports has seen some developments in the recent years. Aside from bringing in the medals, women athletes in international competitions, launching women’s classic wrestling and weightlifting categories is deemed as a post-Islamic revolution historic event. Also getting permits for the hijab by the International Basketball Association is another thing that took place for women’s sports which paved the way for the presence of women’s basketball in international events.

In 2016, the Iranian women’s futsal too was host too was host the Italian and Russian teams and the Iranian national team managed to compete against these two teams and women spectators’ permits had also been issued. Also for the first time the city of Tabriz was host to an international women’s swimming event and Iranian swimmers managed to compete against international athletes in Iran. Women handball players also managed to become champions in the West Asia tournament. The Iranian women’s national team also after two years of absence and dropping from FIFA rankings in 2017managed to take part in the women’s Asian Nations Cup and returned to the FIFA rankings. In the Warsaw martial arts tournament in the adults category, Iranian women competitors managed to win gold for Iran.




“ Some Notable Successes in Women’s Sports in Iran ”