Israel Purposely Cripples And Maims Thousands To Overflow Gaza Hospitals

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Publish Date : 01/30/2019 15:39
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Israel Purposely Cripples And Maims Thousands...
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On the news, you hear there were no fatalities, only wounded people, so everyone relaxes without realizing the suffering we’re going through,”

Israeli snipers shoot largely unarmed Palestinians at will, from such point-blank range that the shooter, if competent, can choose whether each victim is to be wounded or killed. It is now clear to any reasonable observer the Israelis now shoot to cripple, at the most vulnerable and slow to heal lower leg.

Israel is now faced with increasing worldwide criticism for the Gaza genocide. Its new tactic seems to have adopted what can be described as, “Maim and Mutilate but Leave the Body Alive,” (MMLBA). The Israeli tactic appears to have started in December of 2018, to shoot Gazans with intent to maim, but not to kill. Gaza is without hospitals ability to treat starving people, to say nothing of literally thousands of wounded. So wounding will often lead to death, and we do not even hear about these deaths. The intent of this deliberate Israeli act is self-evident when you examine its results.

Through November 2018, Israeli snipers shot to death over 200 unarmed Gaza demonstrators and wounded many more. Israel’s press claims that the Palestinians were the aggressors, contending that they flew kites and balloons into Israeli territory with burning junk attached, in attempts to incinerate all Israel. But the very fact that the Palestinians did launch kites and balloons simply proved that they were unarmed and had no practical means to defend themselves.

But in December, Israel’s tactics changed and wounding protesters became a tactic. How do we know? Because the number killed dropped to a very few, and reports of woundings greatly increased. We know from our own experiences that Israel’s snipers hit what they aim at, or they would not be snipers. If they are hitting hips and knees, it’s by intent. The Israelis are capable of wounding Palestinians with almost every shot from a distance of only 100 to 200 yards or less.

is this a humane act by Israel, or a scheme to keep Palestinians alive, or to keep the world from counting the murdered, while flooding Gaza’s health care system?
A look at the kill/wound ratios reveal in a 2014 BBC reported , “The human cost of the summer conflict with Israel was brutal: 2,104 Palestinians were killed and more than 10,000 people were injured in the small territory, and the chronically under-resourced el- Shifa Hospital stretched to the brink in its response. Some casualties lay on plastic sheets on the floor, IV drips dangling above their heads.” “No hospital on earth is designed to cope with such a large and sudden influx of trauma like that.” Dr. Simon said.

In this story the BBC revealed the impossible conditions in the Gaza Hospitals in 2014. Now, it is worse. conditions were impossible before the current wave of lower leg wounds that are swamping Gaza’s six or eight remaining hospitals. These, without even enough water or electricity, are trying to provide health services for 1.9 million human inhabitants of Gaza.

Israel has long been accused of using the expanding type of bullets that rip huge holes in flesh and virtually explode when bone it contacted. We once called them “hollow points”. Some had a soft led tip over a brass projectile. In one recent incident, the BBC reported that 25 were severely wounded, mostly with lower leg wounds, and one woman was killed with a head shot. One Israeli sniper forgot to shoot low.

Instances of wounded Palestinians in Gaza hardly make the US press, even though the numbers appear to be in the 10s of thousands. We only keep count of dead. So, Israel has slowed down killing!
On January 17, a BBC film was featured on Colorado PBS station Chanel 6, in Denver, showing footage taken in a Gaza hospital. Dozens of a fresh, leg-shot Palestinians youths were photographed with various massive and primitive leg splints and some recent wounds seeping blood. The BBC host stated that the wounded had flooded the hospital and were virtually all shot in the lower leg. But strangely, this PBS film became unavailable a day later, removed from both the local channel, (PBS 6) and on BBC. A similar report from BBC-Hindi, “Hospitals in Gaza are in distress because of Israel,” was found.

Fortunately, the same day, the TRT World, (Turkey) released a similar video from a Gaza hospital showing dozens of leg shot young men, in various stages of recovery from leg wounds. The doctors again were quoted stated most patients had been deliberately shot in the legs. he TRT World report, “Israel-Palestine Tensions: UN: No justification for Gaza killings” on Jan 17, appears to corroborates Israel shooting to cripple and maim.
Some of those wounded say they were involved in throwing stones at Israeli soldiers but many say that they were unarmed and not posing any threat to Israeli forces when they were shot.

According to Haaretz, this large number of Palestinians being shot around the knee by soldiers, probably leaving them disabled for life, reminded everyone of many others who had been injured in a similar way in earlier raids. “On the news, you hear there were no fatalities, only wounded people, so everyone relaxes without realizing the suffering we’re going through,” says N., 23, in conversation with Haaretz.

Instructing snipers to shoot to kill unarmed demonstrators who pose no danger to human life is another product of the occupation and military rule over millions of Palestinian people.





“ Israel Purposely Cripples And Maims Thousands To Overflow Gaza Hospitals ”