Afghan Children’s Education

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Publish Date : 08/05/2015 14:44
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Afghan Children’s Education
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The registration problem of Afghan students who do not have ID cards is resolved. The director of the International Affairs and Schools outside the Country Centre gave news of the resolving of the problem in the registering of Afghan students in Iranian schools who do not have ID cards.

 This Ministry of Education and Training official in an interview with Fars News Agency in reply to a question as to whether it is possible for even Afghan children without ID cards to register in Iranian schools or not, said: “the subject was a new policy where even children with no ID cards can register in schools.”
He added: “we had several technical meetings with the Citizen’s Committee of the Interior Ministry so that nationals without ID cards get IDs and be introduced though the custody offices that work with the Interior Ministry.”
He continued: “the subject of the health and vaccination of these nationals has also been noted, which the Health Ministry is following up on, and the third matter was the classification of their school years which was the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Training.”
This official explained: “Overall, the registration problem of Afghan nationals has been resolved, and even individuals who do not have ID cards is undertaken through certain levers pulled by the education and training of Iran so that these students can be registered.”
Pointing to the number of Afghan students in Iranian schools the director of the International Affairs and Schools Outside the Country Centre said: “We predict that between 100 to 250 thousand news students will join to as well as the 330 thousand Afghan students.”
He added: “Currently these nationals are studying in 24,000 schools and to its proportion requires classrooms and teachers.”

“ Afghan Children’s Education ”