West Closes its Eyes to Terrorists Chemical Attacks in Syria

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Publish Date : 11/16/2016 16:57
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West Closes its Eyes to Terrorists Chemical...
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On November 13, terrorists carried out another attack on the Syrian army positions in Aleppo using chemical weapons.

This time, terrorists shelled Karam al-Tarab district near the city’s international airport which resulted in 28 Syrian soldiers injured. The governmental forces’ Command claimed the attack was a “response” to the army’s latest advances in Aleppo. Actually, within two weeks, this is the third case of militants’ chemical attacks.
The previous shelling was conducted on November 3 when Musaybeen, Minyan and New Aleppo districts in the southern areas of the city were hit with toxic gas. On October 30, the militants used chemical weapons by al-Assad Military Academy to kill one person and to injure 40 others. The Syrian military report that during each attack the terrorists used chlorine gas. However, the world community ignored all the cases of chemical weapons use by the opposition forces. For instance, the UN just made a statement in which said its experts would only “look into the incidents.” No investigation has been launched yet.

At the same time, yesterday the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) published a report in which not only ISIS was accused of chemical weapons usage but also the Syrian government.
Moreover, OPCW’s decision envisages further inspection and verification in Syrian government sites. We can’t but agree with Syria’s Foreign Ministry which condemned the decision and called it biased.
It’s clear that various international organizations took a subjective attitude towards Damascus. One should remember at least numerous ungrounded accusations of “killing” civilians in Aleppo or alleged bombings of schools and living districts. Unfortunately, this has become quite common for the organizations influenced by Washington.
The only thing the Syrian people can do now is to hope that Western “human rights activists” will open their eyes to the situation in the country, stop groundlessly blaming Damascus for chemical attacks and “crimes against humanity” and drop covering the terrorists. Now, however, international organizations once again ignored another case of militants’ chemical attack against the government forces and civilians in Syria.

by: Mariam Al Hijab
Inside Syria Media Center

“ West Closes its Eyes to Terrorists Chemical Attacks in Syria ”