US interrogators in UAE prisons, the Guantanamo was not enough!

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Publish Date : 02/23/2019 0:49
The US involvement in Yemen's secret prison network is an international disgrace and again raises serious questions for President Trump.

A report by Human Rights Watch in 2017 confirmed that the United Arab Emirates runs at least two secret prisons in Yemen and "disappears" high-profile inmates abroad, including to a base in Eritrea, for interrogation by US spies. In a separate investigation, US defence officials told that US forces had participated in the interrogations of hundreds of prisoners in the Emirati-run jails inside Eritrea and Yemen.

According to the Daily Beast, US interrogators are present in UAE prisons in Yemen. There is shocking evidence that the American military is a witness to the torture of Yemenis. In a series of interviews, two former detainees have testified to being interrogated by men with American accents, who looked on as they were beaten and electrocuted.

“They would strip me naked, they would beat me very harshly and slowly you start to understand the dynamics in the room. These are the two people, one of them is overseeing the whole interrogation and the other is doing the questioning and ordering the torture,” a Yemeni man identified only as Salvatore said, suggesting that the US was more that an unwilling observer.
In December, the Pentagon formally acknowledged for the first time that US military personnel operate in the Yemen prisons: “US forces do not conduct detention operations in Yemen; rather, US forces conduct intelligence interrogations of detainees held in partner custody,” the Pentagon reported.

However the latest accounts are the first that prove that the US is not only a witness, but a partner to torture of detainees. The CIA and the Emirati embassy in Washington refused to comment on the allegations; the US has previously said it has found no evidence that any US allies have abused detainees in Yemen.

“With each brave and credible account of appalling mistreatment in these jails, the Department of Defence’s see-no-evil denial becomes harder to credit. How much more evidence does the Pentagon need that Americans are complicit in the UAE’s brutal torture regime?” Reprieve Staff Attorney Jennifer Gibson said in a statement. “These brave Yemenis have come forward at huge personal risk. Their stories should shock Americans who thought we had closed the book on torture after the horrors of the waterboarding era.”

The US involvement in Yemen's secret prison network is an international disgrace and again raises serious questions for President Trump. But President Trump doesn't care at all about how things are done in this government; just that the US maintains its economics and weapons hegemony over all the other countries, no matter what that might entail, including the use of torture.