Rouhani pushing ahead with milestone rights bill

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Publish Date : 01/27/2017 20:54
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Rouhani pushing ahead with milestone rights bill
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Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Majid Ansari said on Friday, 27 January, the Rouhani administration has introduced two bills to the parliament so far, each guaranteeing an article of the Citizen Rights Charter which the president unveiled nearly a month ago.

“The Citizen Rights Charter is composed of different issues, and we introduce bills on each issue to Majlis,” Ansari said.

He said one of the two bills introduced to the parliament aims at fighting against economic corruption and the other one, being in its final stages, guarantees transparency.

There’s another bill supporting human rights which has been presented to the president, Ansari said.

Introduced on December 19, the landmark Citizen Rights Charter enshrines freedom of speech, protest, fair trials and privacy.

Rouhani said he regards the achievement as one of his oldest dreams.

He further said the charter offered the first clear list of principles that could be used to check the performance of state institutions.

The critics of the current administration say since Rouhani faces a reelection battle in the upcoming months, the launch of the charter has been timed to influence voters.

“ Rouhani pushing ahead with milestone rights bill ”