Iranian women’s presence in job market up 40%: report

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Publish Date : 07/26/2017 13:51
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Iranian women’s presence in job market up 40%:...
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The number of women in the Iranian job market has experienced a 40 percent growth over the past three years, reported.

The report, which is related to the previous Iranian calendar year (March 2016-March 2017), puts women’s share of employees in branches of international companies at 29 percent, in privately-owned companies at 32 percent, and in state-run organizations at 20 percent.

About 39 percent of Iranian women are active in non-managerial positions, according to the report.

Women make up 25 percent of mid-level managers and 19 percent of high-level managers in the country.

About 60 percent of women are active as secretaries and administrative staff, and 54 percent are working in the field of translation.

Another study in report shows that about 50 percent of Iranian women are working in art fields.

Data has been provided based on a survey on 100,000 employees in 28 different job groups all around the country. is the leading job site and online recruitment service in Iran, with a database of over half a million Iranian professionals, specialists and managers across all industries and job categories.

“ Iranian women’s presence in job market up 40%: report ”