Majlis mulling to ease passport rules for women

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Publish Date : 07/29/2017 13:48
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Majlis mulling to ease passport rules for women
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The Iranian parliament (Majlis) is considering a bill that would facilitate the procedure of passport issuance for female athletes, scientists, and traders, IRNA reported on Friday.

Under the current law, all Iranians under 18 years of age -- both male and female -- must receive paternal permission before receiving travel documents.

Women over the age of 18 need the written consent of their father or guardian to obtain a passport. Married women must receive their husband’s approval to receive the documents.

It is a legal requirement stipulated under Article 18 of the Iran’s passport law.

“Following some problems created for female athletes for taking part in international competitions, an amendment to the Article 18 proposed to the Majlis, which would facilitate the exit of women from the country,” Iranian female lawmaker Parvaneh Salahshouri previously said.

She said that leaving the country for medical treatment is also included in the bill, however it is proposed just in urgent situation.

“According to the bill, women can exit from the country under the permission of the prosecutor general’s office,” she added.

The bill covers international events like sports championships, Olympiads, academic and cultural festivals and congresses as well as the hajj pilgrimage.

In May 2017, Iranian authorities intervened to allow two-time Paralympic gold medalist Zahra Nemati to compete abroad despite her estranged husband’s attempts to force her to stay home.

Before that, Niloufar Ardalan, the captain of the Iranian women’s national futsal team, was issued a special permit by the judiciary to compete in the 2015 AFC Women’s Futsal Championship despite her husband’s opposition.


“ Majlis mulling to ease passport rules for women ”