National Children’s Week interwoven with environmental consciousness

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Publish Date : 10/08/2017 14:18
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National Children’s Week interwoven with...
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The National Children’s Week, October 7 to 13, is specifically planned to raise children’s environmental consciousness this year.

Accordingly, October 8 is dedicated to children and environment. Today, recognizing and being sensitive to the hazards that are endangering the environment is of essence for the children.

Children can be the best ambassadors of environment to increase awareness about the delicate and seriously harmed Earth. By making the young children more sensitive to the environment, helping them become fully eco-conscious and teaching them the advantageous of safeguarding the precious natural resources the next generation would be the guardians of the nature.

Reinforcing environmentally responsible behavior is the ultimate goal of environmental education. Children’s environmental education can positively affect parental knowledge and household environmental behavior. Environmentally knowledgeable children are capable of exerting great impacts on the other family members and hopefully they themselves grow into accountable adults who deeply care about the environment.

The poster for the children’s day is depicting the friendship between the nature and the child as well.

“Human beings are a part of the nature and are born from it, so the presence of the children [among the colorful flowers and trees] in the poster is conveying this meaning as well as the friendship they can develop with the nature,” said Meysam Mousavi, the poster designer, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults reported on its website.

The National Children’s Week 2017 is underway in Iran under the theme of “Every Child Is a Proof of God’s Existence”. Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (an Iranian institution with a wide range of cultural and artistic activities in the field of mental and cultural development for children and young adults) has coordinated and is running various recreational and educational programs for the children over the one week celebration of the event.


“ National Children’s Week interwoven with environmental consciousness ”