Exclusive Report from Surreal Drawings Gallery of Afghan Sisters in Tehran

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Publish Date : 10/25/2017 15:10
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ODVV’s exclusive report from the Surreal Drawings Gallery of Afghan Sisters in Tehran.

The third Drawings Gallery of three young Afghan sisters with works from Belgheis, Nargess and Sakineh Mohammadi was held in Tehran with the support of Maryam Yeganeh with 21 surreal works, and welcomed by refugees and Iranian art enthusiasts.
When these three sisters decided to hold the first exhibit, they could not have imagined that their works would be that good so that they would also hold a second and third exhibit. But their drawings exhibit in the last three years have had good receptions by other Afghan migrants and refugees and many Iranian arts enthusiasts.
Parts of the gallery statements states: “everything comes from the witnin… we needed tools to express the inside, for what is stamped in our brains. We found the brush and paint as a way of rescue and tried to understand our talents and escape from the confusion surrounding us. We missed the lines and designs in a surreal world and cleared our path and in this path we found out that the world in people’s minds is a stranger land than the one we live in.”
One of the three sisters, Nargess says: “We’ve been drawing for around five years. When we held our first exhibit, contrary to what we thought, our works had a good reception, and as a result we held a second exhibit. Our works were also welcomed in the second exhibit and today that we are holding our third exhibit, the reception is even bigger.”
“Our style of work is surreal. We loved imagination, because lots of things are hidden in our imaginations and we tried to show all our imaginations through our drawings.” Regarding her future plans, Nargess said, “We would like to hold this exhibit in Afghanistan and other countries too.”
Sakineh the second of two sisters says: “We try working together as much as we can, because so far our style has been the same which I think has been key in our success.”
Belgheis the third sister also says: “We like the surreal style of paining because it is closer to reality and has its particular audience. Of course we are still at the beginning of our journey and certainly we will pursue other styles in the future.”
These three sisters intend to pursue their love of the arts by attending university, particularly when they were born into a family with inherent drawing skills and ambition. Their older sister and father also are able artists. Belgheis says the aim in drawing is to build her and her sisters’ futures through their natural arts talents and hopes that they can hold a fourth exhibit, in view of the reception and interest that they have received.
Having a dream, advancement, achieving peace and friendship, ending of war, refugees, migrants, migration to other countries, racism, water crisis, the positive effects of music on people’s lives and ultimately freedom and free living are some of the subjects of these 21 surreal works of the Mohammadi sisters. It must be said that the exhibit was held from 20 to 26 October in the Nut Gallery in Tehran.






























“ Exclusive Report from Surreal Drawings Gallery of Afghan Sisters in Tehran ”