ODVV's Statement in Condemnation of Israel's Attack against Gaza

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Publish Date : 07/13/2014 0:00
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ODVV's Statement in Condemnation of Israel's...
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In a released statement the ODVV condemned the horrific killing of the fasting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Occupied Territories by Israel.

According to ODVV public relations the statement reads:
The racist and expansionist policies of Israel has a history that goes back over five decides, and the recent attack against civilians and residential districts of Gaza can be seen as examples of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
While according to official UN statistics 77 percent of the victims of Israel's attack are civilians, Prime Minister Nethenyahu has said that Israel will resist international pressures to stop the attacks against Gaza, and will continue with the attacks. These words are said while the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said that she doubted Israel's commitments to international laws regarding not targeting civilians in the attack against Gaza.
Also Israel's leaving the Human Rights Council has already shown the countrys failure to be committed to international law.
While condemning in the strongest terms these inhuman acts, the ODVV calls upon the Islamic and international communities to swiftly take further action than just condemnation, to put a stop to the brutal massacre that is taking place in Gaza and to send humanitarian assistance to the people under blockade.
It must be said that the ground, air and sea Israeli attacksagainst the people in the Gaza Strip has left over 100 Palestinian women and children dead and 750 wounded.
Hundreds of homes have also been destroyed in these attacks.

“ ODVV's Statement in Condemnation of Israel's Attack against Gaza ”