Stop Repressions in Bahrein

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Publish Date : 09/28/2016 10:00
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Stop Repressions in Bahrein
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Public letter of a group of American and European academicians and media commentators to UNSG on Bahrain and the situation of the popular leader Sheikh Isa Qassim.

H. E. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

Secretary General of the United Nations

Mr. Secretary General,

As you know the Bahraini people struggle peacefully to attain their own sovereignty for years and are expecting the organizations linked to Human Rights to help them. During these years they have been permanently oppressed as they were and still are demanding to have access to their basic citizenship rights.

Your Excellency! as UN has been mainly established to provide peace and security across the globe and according to the article 21 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which recognizes the people’s will as the basis and source of governing power, the demand of Bahraini citizens on having a democratically elected government in which the majority rules the country is a very elementary request. Why this primary demand for achieving the minimum social rights should face the government’s atrocities including imprisonment, torture, and assassination?

Mr. Secretary General! according to the UDHR’s article 15 the behavior of this oligarchic regime toward his own people including; destruction of hussainiyas and the mosques, preventing the Bahraini people who are mostly Muslims from establishing both Friday and congregational prayers, suspension of citizenship and deportation of Bahraini leaders particularly Sheikh Isa Qassim, is considered as a crime and UN is responsible to condemn those acts which violate international laws.

Your Excellency! You know well that these mentioned crimes don’t match with the essence of Human Rights.

Mr. Secretary General! The silence of world powers and the so-called defenders of Human Rights toward these anti-human crimes, is not surprising as the authorities of Bahraini regime are acting under their support and they are allowed once the West’s interests are achieved! But as the one who should unveil the criminals and has to intervene and to protest against the oppressors, your silence is significant and shocking. Remember that you’re responsible for maintaining a peaceful and secure world and as the person in charge of performing the UDHR content, you’re condemned in the presence of free consciences and human history.

Your Excellency, according to the religious teachings and the unchangeable divine traditions; whatever you, other international officials and those so-called defenders of Human Rights, accomplish your legal, human and moral duty or not, the oppressed nations particularly the Yemeni, Bahraini and Palestinian peoples will win as they have decided to be free and not to accept any type of injustice and they stand on this issue. But that is a historical privilege for you to be honored by supporting them, thus we undersigned, ask your Excellency to carry out the following issues as soon as possible:

1- Launching urgent measures in order to stop the actions which oppose the international standards and violate the UDHR’s article 15 regarding the suspension of citizenship and deportation of Bahraini religious leaders and figures particularly his eminence Sheikh Isa Qassim;

2- Providing necessary and ensuring arrangements to establish the democracy and to implement the UDHR’s article 21 by making possible a referendum through which every single Bahraini citizen has one vote;

3- Initiating emergency measures to stop the tyranny of Bahrain oligarchic regime which threatens the security and freedom of people and jail, torture and assassinate them;

4- The immediate release of political prisoners and investigation about Bahraini Government’s crimes in competent international courts.


List of Signatories:
1. Prof. James Petras (USA)

Binghamton University (SUNY), Prominent Sociologist, Author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages;

2. Prof. Alexander Dugin (Russia)

Moscow State University, Prominent Political Scientist, Author of several books;

3. Prof. Hamid Algar (USA / UK)

University of California, Berkeley, Prominent Expert on Islamic Studies, Prolific author of several books on Persian and Arabic literature and contemporary history of Iran, Turkey, the Balkans and Afghanistan;

4. Prof. James H. Fetzer (USA)

University of Minnesota (UMD), Prominent Philosopher of Science, Founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Author of several books;

5. Prof. Farid Esack (South Africa)

University of Johannesburg, Appointed by Nelson Mandela as a gender equity commissioner, chairperson of BDS South Africa, Author of several books;

6. Prof. James F. Tracy (USA)

Florida Atlantic University, Editor of Memory Hole Blog, Host of Real Politik and Truth Frequency Radi

7. Prof. Lawrence Davidson (USA)

West Chester University, Expert on History of American Foreign Relations With the Middle East;

8. Prof. Rodney Shakespeare (UK)

Visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia;

9. Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh (Palestine & USA)

Bethlehem University, Author and Director of Palestine Museum of Natural History;

10. Prof. Paul Sheldon Foote (USA)

California State University, Fullerton, Political Commentator, Author;

11. Prof. Seif. Da’Na (USA)

Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies, University of Wisconsin-Parkside;

12. Prof. Claudio Mutti (Italy)

University of Bologna, Author of several books;

13. Prof Claudio Moffa (Italy)

University of Teramo, Author of several books;

14. Dr Fredrick Töben (Australia)

Author, philosopher;

15. Dr. Maria Poumier (France)

Former professor at University of Havana and Paris 8 University, Filmmaker, Author of several books;

16. Dr. Kevin J. Barrett (USA)

Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror, He has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin;

17. Dr. E. Michael Jones (USA)

Editor of Culture Wars magazine, Former professor of Saint Mary's College of Notre Dame in Indiana, Author of several books;

18. Dr. Christian Bouchet (France)

Political Analyst, Teacher, Writer of several books;

19. Dr. Rev. W. Randy Short (USA)

Howard University, Expert on Afro-American Affairs;

20. Denis J. Halliday (Ireland)

UN Assistant Secretary-General (1994-98);

21. Sara Flounders (USA)

Co-Director of International Action Center, Author, Anti-war Activist, frequent writer for Workers World newspaper;

22. Laurent Louis (Belgium)

Former member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives;

23. Greta Berlin (USA)

Co founder of Free Gaza Movement and Anti War Activist;

24. Israel Shamir (Sweden, Russia)

Writer and Journalist, Author of several books;

25. Adrian Salbuchi (Argentina)

International Political Analyst, Researcher, Author of several books on geopolitics;

26. Andre Vltchek (USA)

Novelist, Philosopher, Investigative Journalist, Filmmaker, Photographer, Playwright;

27. Chris Bambery (Scotland)

Leading member of the International Socialist Group, Former member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party, Author of several books;

28. Isabelle Coutant-Peyre (France)

International Lawyer, Former Secretary of Conference of lawyers of the Paris Bar;

29. Ahmed Rami (Sweden)

Journalist, Author of several books;

30. David Swanson (USA)

Author, activist, journalist, Radio host;

31. Manuel Ochsenreiter (Germany)

Editor in Chief of German monthly newsmagazine ZUERST, Director of the German Center for Eurasian Studies, Geoplitical Analyst;

32. Jean-Michel Vernochet (France)

Writer and Geopolitical Analyst, Author of several books;

33. Kevin Ovenden (UK)

Political Activist, Member of the Respect Party's leadership, an organizer of Viva Palestina;

34. Gilles Munier (France)

Analyst on Middle Eastern Affairs;

35. Feroze Mithiborwala (India)

General Secretary of India Palestine Solidarity Forum, Expert West Asian Affairs;

36. Dragana Trifkovic (Serbia)

Political Analyst on Eurasian Affairs;

37. Marwa Osman (Lebanon)

Geopolitical Writer, Commentator, PhD Candidate and University Lecturer;

38. Leonid Savin (Russia)

Chief Editor of Katehon think tank, Geopolitical Analyst;

39. Ali Mallah (Canada)

Vice-president of Canadian Arab Federation, community and antiwar activist;

40. Dogan Bermek (Turkey)

Former President of Turkey’s Federation of Alevi Foundation;

41. Isabelle Praile (Belgium)

Former Vice President of the Belgium’s Muslim Executive Committee;

42. Gordon Duff (USA)

Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War, Senior Editor of, Military Expert;

43. Eric Walberg (Canada)

Geopolitical Analyst specializing in the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia;

44. Stephen Lendman (USA)

Writer and Human Rights and Anti-War Activist;

45. Lucien Cerise (France)

Writer and Researcher, Author of “Gouverner par le chaos”;

46. Joe Iosbaker (USA)

Anti-War Activist, Victim of FBI and US Attorney witch hunt and member of Committee to Stop FBI Repression;

47. Scott Rickard (USA)

Former Intelligence Linguist;

48. Don Debar (USA)

Anti-War Activist and Radio Host;

49. Mark Glenn (USA)

Political Analyst on Middle Eastern Affairs and US domestic Policies;

50. Peter Eyre (UK / Australia)

Middle East Consultant, Aviation Consultant Jour, International Broadcaster;

51. Max Igan (Australia)

Independent Radio Host, Political Analyst and Activist;

52. Elizabeth Murray (USA)

Former Deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Near East in the National Intelligence Council before retiring after a 27-year career in the US Government, Polyglot Expert on Security Affairs;

53. Catherine Shakdam (UK)

Director of Programs for the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies;

54. Vanessa Beeley (France)

Independent Journalist, Activist and Photographer;

55. Shabbir Hassanally (UK)

Political Commentator, Activist, Islamic Scholar;

56. Roshan Muhammed Salih (UK)

Independent Journalist, Documentary Maker, Host of “Sun will Rise”;

57. Trevor LaBonte (USA)

Jazz artist, Journalist, political commentator, activist, broadcaster;

58. Navid Nasr (Iran / USA)

Independent Geopolitical Analyst;

59. Pino Cabras (Italy)

Editor in Chief of the website, Political Commentator;

60. Manuel Galiana Ros (Spain)

Writer and Researcher, Author of several books;

61. Stefano Bonilauri (Italy)

Anti-war activist, Blogger;

62. Stefano Vernole (Italy)

Journalist and writer, Deputy "Eurasia" magazine Geopolitical Studies;

63. Amir M. Maasoumi (Canada)

Sociologist, specialist of contemporary Islam, Intercultural and Interfaith Relations, Dialogue Among Cultures Civilizations;

64. Steven D Kelley (USA)

Peace Activist, Author, Radio Host.


Initiator: Hamed Ghashghavi

Iranian Polyglot Researcher on North American and Western European Studies, Conference Organizer, Columnist, Biographer.


“ Stop Repressions in Bahrein ”