The Realisation of Gender Justice: the Main Objective of Iran in the Five Year Plan

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Publish Date : 11/14/2016 14:25
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The Realisation of Gender Justice: the Main...
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The Presidential Deputy on Women and Family Affairs, Shahindokht Molaverdi said: “our main objective in the country’s five year plan is the realisation of gender justice, and we are pursuing determining indicators that will bring about justice in management, the job market and various roles of men and women so that ultimately we see a balance between women’s activities and their jobs.”

Shahrdokht New Agency wrote: In a meeting with the Swedish deputy foreign minister, Ms. Anika Soder on 8 November, Ms. Molaverdi added: “We welcome different women’s proposals and we adopt practical documents on women, and because we are on the verge of adopting the national five year plan, and we are trying to execute our recommended plans through interaction with the Islamic Parliament.” She went on to say: “in today’s society without a doubt necessary success will not be achieved without women’s participation, and in fact we are pursuing fair access to resources and believe that justice supersedes equality.”
Molaverdi explained: “Security is the precondition to development and empowerment and until these are not realised, the talk about women’s empowerment is more like a joke. Now, one of the important and decisive challenged in Islamic countries is the lack of security for women, which was confirmed in last week’s sitting in Istanbul, also one of the subjects of debate in the Security Council Resolution 1325 is about women, peace and security.”

“ The Realisation of Gender Justice: the Main Objective of Iran in the Five Year Plan ”