Children of Iranian mothers and Afghan Fathers to Get IDs

News ID : #1912
Publish Date : 09/06/2017 15:09
The Welfare Deputy of the Welfare Ministry, Ahmad Midri gave news of the launch of a census on Iranian women who are married to Afghan men and said: “The issuing of ID cards and documents for the children of Iranian mothers and Afghan fathers was approved by the Government’s Legislations Commission.”

Midri said: “In the final week of August, the subject of issuing ID cards, documents and also health cards for children of Iranian mothers married to Afghan men was ratified in the Government’s Legislation Commission, and we hope this legislation is soon ratified by the cabinet of ministers.”

He also said: “From the third week of August the census on Iranian women who have Afghan husbands began from Qom Province and will soon continue in the rest of the country.”

It must be said that issuing of ID cards is different to granting citizenship. In a brief interview with Shargh Newspaper, pointing to the fact that issuing ID cards is different to granting citizenship, law expert and women’s activist, Farideh Gheirat said: “Naturally granting citizenship has more advantages, but the ID cards that are issued to individuals, do have specific limited advantages for the recipients.”




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