The Freedom of Access to Information Act Will be Implemented towards the Realisation of the Citizen’s Rights

News ID : #359
Publish Date : 08/10/2015 10:34
The Freedom of Access to Information Act Will be Implemented towards the Realisation of the Citizen’s Rights

The press deputy of the Islamic Guidance minister reiterated that the implementation of the Freedom of Access to Information Act is implemented towards the realization of citizen’s rights. According to Tansim News Agency, in the A Day for the Journalist ceremony on the occasion of Journalist Day which is underway in Vahdat Hall, Hossein Entezami said that journalists’ issues fell into two categories: legal and welfare.
He continued: “the media flow needs, journalism and journalists in legal issues are more fundamental than living and welfare issues, and here press associations become important, and assistance must be provided in their design and application. If the slogan of the government is retreating for the benefit of unions, the move towards a minimum government will continue on.
Entezami explained: “In the field of political relations we have this weakness and some sort of maturity must be developed for that. Institutionalisation is not just the formation of an association within organizations, but for institutionalization it is necessary for democratic relations to be established, and as the representative of an association we pursue the demands of that association. In the media sphere the lesser the associations are nonpolitical both aforementioned missions will be conducted better, otherwise they will be labeled as politicized.”
The Islamic Guidance Minister’s press deputy added: “In this event, we will not see journalists as the sand bags of politicians’ wars.”
He reassured that: “missions must be distinguished from each other, and for observation of professional morals must have a covenant with each other, we must pursue basis and non-populist methods and to pursue policies that are to the benefit of this group.”
Pointing out the actions of the elite in the field, Entezami added: “the resolving of insurance of journalists are being pursued through the right channels, and resolving of medias issues is being pursued by the Welfare Organization. Another focal point which the government as a road layer must facilitate is the freedom of access to information. The current government is working towards the implementation of the Act. This Act is for the realization of citizen’s rights and the working tools of the media.”
At the end he said: “I swear that for the first time the Minister of Islamic Guidance and Culture attends all Press Monitoring Group’s meetings, which show how much importance he gives to the matter.”