ODVV Statement on the Killing of Innocent People in Mirza Olang Afghanistan

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Publish Date : 08/16/2017 16:56
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ODVV Statement on the Killing of Innocent...
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Mirza Olang in Afghanistan has in the last few days been witness to horrific crimes, which pains the heart of any human being.

According to news reported by the media and local officials more than 50 bodies of civilians that include women and children have been found in mass graves in the Mirza Olang village in the Shia region of Afghanistan were killed by members of Taliban and ISIS. According to local residents approximately 700 families lived in this village who are all displace. According to many independent human rights organizations these acts are deemed war crimes.
The targeted mass killing of civilians, including women and children, without distinction and destruction without military necessity and pillage of civilian property are crimes that go against human values. They are violation of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions 1949 and Article 8 of the Rome Statute of the international Criminal Court 1998. Also according to the Geneva Convention, any form of confrontation with civilians, the wounded, the sick and medical personal and aid providers, prisoners of war, cultural and civilian properties, the environment is prohibited.
The ODVV calls upon the government of Afghanistan to take immediate measures for the protection of the lives and properties, and human dignity of civilians, especially ethnic and religious minorities. And also to initiate an investigation committee to fin the perpetrators and bring them to swift justice. While condemning this atrocious attack which can be a clear example of war crimes, and alongside the civil societies and the people of friend and mutual language country of Afghanistan, and all civil institutions across the world, to while condemning these inhuman acts to campaign to make the voices of the oppressed people heard.The ODVV calls upon the UN Special Rapporteur on Religious Freedom to particularly concentrate on root causes of these conflicts and religious disputes in these types of regions to prevent the repetition of such events.
Also we call upon the Organization of Islamic Conference to get involved for a more serious investigation of the infighting between Muslims and to take necessary steps to prevent the ongoing conflicts. 

Finally, the ODVV calls upon all NGOs and civil society institutions in Afghanistan to take action to increase empowering and awareness raising measures for the eradication of violence in Afghanistan.





“ ODVV Statement on the Killing of Innocent People in Mirza Olang Afghanistan ”