ODVV's Statement on the Recent Events in France and Insulting the Prophet of Islam...

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Publish Date : 01/21/2015 10:52
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ODVV's Statement on the Recent Events in France...
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ODVV's Statement on the Recent Events in France and Insulting the Prophet of Islam 1/19/2015

The actions of a number of Islamist extremists in the terror attacks against Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket in Paris and the behaviour of the magazine in insulting God's prophets, particularly the Prophet of Islam can be interpreted as a modern war of ignorance and Islamic extremism in our current times.
While the teachings of Islam clearly rejects any form of violence and extremism, and Muslims are the biggest victims of terrorism in the world, unfortunately this suspicious action of extremists and violence seekers, has created a new wave of Islamophobia across the world, the result of which is the presentation of a dark and unreal image of Islam.
With the rise in Islamism in the West, Islamophobic groups in the West always taethe opportunity so that by holding anti-Islam demonstrations, to stir up public feelings towards inticing committing more violence against Muslims and prepare the basis for the passing of new tough laws against them.
Today, extremists groups have become an unsolvable subjects for the countries that back them. With the killing of a number of French citizens in Paris a large number of world leaders participated in a march in Paris to show their unity against Al-Qaeda and IS terrorists, but when IS was slaughtering thousands of Muslims no Western leader even held a one minute protest march. There are plenty of these types of double standards in the West and by dealing with them, the West's public opinion can become aware of the plot to draw a dark picture of Muslims.
For the last five years by holding scientific sittings and submission of written and oral statements to the UN Human Rights Council, the ODVV hs tried to warn about terrorist and inhuman behaviour by a number of Islamic extremists (in the form of Al-Qaeda, IS and etc) and the policies of a number of Western countries, the world could face threat of a religious war, a war that its signs are visible through the occurrence of such events
While respecting the principle of the freedom of expression and belief, the ODVV believes that any form of freedom of expression must come with social responsibility and collective belief. Just as terrorism under any pretext or excuse is condemnable, the insulting of the Prophet of Islam and other monotheist religions can under no circumstances be justified as freedom of expression.

“ ODVV's Statement on the Recent Events in France and Insulting the Prophet of Islam 1/19/2015 ”