The statement of a number of Iranian NGOs regarding the human disaster in Myanmar

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Publish Date : 09/13/2017 14:54
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The statement of a number of Iranian NGOs...
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The Rohingya are Muslims and Indian-Aryan who live in Rakhin province in the west of Myanmar. Many human rights organizations define the Rohingyans as one of the most persecuted people in the world. From 2012 to-date sectarian violence which is between the majority Buddhists and the Muslim Rohingya minorities has left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes and displaced.

Most of the 1.5 million Rohingyans are denied citizen’s right and live in conditions similar to Apartheid. Most people live in refugee camps near the border with Bangladesh and just in the past month more than 100 thousand have been displaced to other regions following clashes with the local Buddhists. The Myanmar government deems the Rohingyans as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, and sadly the Bangladeshi government does not accept these people either and prevents them from entering the country.
Following the religious and sectarian violence and the killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, many people have migrated to other countries and some of these migrants have not had a better fate in other countries either, and some have fallen in the trap of human traffickers.
In view of this terrible human disaster, while expressing grave concern for the Muslims of the region, and without any ethnic or racial look and in defence of the displaced men, women and children that are being persecuted in this country, NGOs in support of this statement call upon the Myanmar government, as a UN Member State to take urgent action to put an end to the violence against the innocent people and bring the perpetrators of these acts to justice.
We call upon the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar and also the three Special Rapporteurs on freedom of believe, religion and minorities to while preparing a report on the conditions of the persecuted people of the region, to raise the issue in international human rights circles, particularly the Human Rights Council and also the UN General Assembly and by putting pressure on the Myanmar government and all the perpetrators of these inhuman acts, to prevent the repetition of such treatments.
We believe if these measures do not give a practical and speedy result in the stopping of the violence, not end in the return of the displaced people to their homes and also the prosecution of the perpetrators of these crimes, we expect the members of the Human Rights Council to call for an emergency session to be held to review this matter and adopt a practical and confrontational approach to these crimes that are committed against the innocent Rohingya people.
The authenticity or the decorative concepts of the protection of the real rights of mankind only shows itself in crisis times. The tragedy takes place where general global consensus feels that because the Rohingya minorities have no place in the interests of governments that claim to human rights, and therefore these people have been ignored and actions is only taken when it is too late.
We believe this catastrophe can be prevented, now, not tomorrow!


Organization for Defending Victims of Violence

Family Health Association of Iran
Prevention Association of Social Harms
Pouya Institute for Communications and Social Development
Peivande Gole Narges Charity Organization
CHEECO Institute
Society of Iranian women for sustainable development
Women's Society against Environmental pollution
Society for recovery support
Charitable Institute for Protecting of Social Victims
IranAutism Association
Peace and Friendship Brailltonic
Kanoon tanin sabz aflakk
Ashti Ba Zamin NGO
Herfegostare Dehkafe NGO
Against Hunger Association
International Association of Justice Watch
Iran Muscular Dystrophy Association
Iran hepatitis network
International Society Human Nature Wildlife
Future city youth population
Nastaran center for Cancer Prevention
Iran Scientific Association Of Midwifery
Charity of worldly-wise benefactors
Support of helpless children (NGO)
Iran Ankylosing Spondylitis Association


“ The statement of a number of Iranian NGOs regarding the human disaster in Myanmar ”