Arms Control and Disarmament

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Publish Date : 05/21/2022 14:42
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Arms Control and Disarmament
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Since the 19th century, world powers have discussed arms control and disarmament — that is, reducing, limiting or abolishing certain weapons.

Disarmament and arms control were important topics of discussion at two international peace conferences held in 1899 and 1907 at The Hague in the Netherlands. At the first conference, the Russian minister of foreign affairs proposed limits on the expansion of armed forces and new armaments.
Although the delegates wouldn’t agree to limit armaments, they did agree to ban the use of asphyxiating gases and expanding bullets, as well as the releasing of projectiles or explosives from balloons. A third conference, scheduled for 1915, didn’t meet due to the outbreak of the First World War.


“ Arms Control and Disarmament ”