ODVV’s Statement Condemning Canada’s Recent Action

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Publish Date : 12/10/2014 12:01
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ODVV’s Statement Condemning Canada’s Recent Action
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ODVV’s Statement Condemning Canada’s Recent Action

An astonishing trend began in June 2008 in the United Kingdom, followed by the EU in 2009, the United States in September 2012 and finally in December in Canada.
All the aforementioned removed the Iranian terrorist group, the Mujaheddin Khalgh Organization from their list of terror groups.
This terror group started its vicious terror campaigns in Iran before the revolution in the seventies, continuing after the revolution to the extent of joining forces with Saddam’s invading forces and fighting fellow Iranians.
Today, there are 17,000 families in Iran who are victims of the atrocities of this terror group, who still have not seen any retribution or compensation for the terrible sufferings that they will bear to their grave.
While expressing its shock and total dismay, the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence, strongly condemns the previous and latest actions in the removal of the MKO from the list of known terror groups.
The ODVV firmly believes these measures to be totally politically motivated with perhaps hidden intentions, and urges the UN and its relevant bodies, and international human rights and humanitarian NGOs to unite in one voice and urge these governments to reverse their decision. These governments must fully realize that the real intent of this terror group is nothing but the subjugation of Iranians in their twisted totalitarian Stalinist ways.

“ ODVV’s Statement Condemning Canada’s Recent Action ”