Mission & Principles

Our Mission & Principles:



We are a non-profit Organization with a Special Status to UN ECOSOC, committed to help reduce risks derived from proliferation and use of arms, with special emphasis on weapons of mass destruction-nuclear, chemical, biological, radiological and ones that may rise in the future.In the complex world where we live, the concept of mass destruction covers a wide range of issues and therefore goes beyond the number of human lives involved. This fact significantly raises the quantity and quality of threats to global security. That is why we believe that disarmament and nonproliferation should be a priority for every nation, and a common goal of for the global community.We’ve been providing research, analysis and strategies for disarmament, nonproliferation, peace and security. In fact, our specialized focus is on disarmament, arms control and nonproliferation.Our role not only is to provide ideas and advice to the victims of mass destruction, but also to facilitate dialogue to advance multilateral arms control and disarmament.Our Vision is to take steps toward a world Free of Weapon of Mass Destruction, as a goal which is not easy but achievable through consecutive steps and actions, that increase confidence within the international community.



We think that cooperation and coordination of actions among countries are keys to face the challenge of nonproliferation and disarmament. It is truly possible to fulfill these goals without sanctions and affecting sovereign rights and peaceful technological development of each country.We consider that disarmament and nonproliferation are not an exclusive problem of governments, but should also become a commitment of individuals and societies by proposing, promoting and developing strategies and actions to identify and reduce national and global security risks derived from the proliferation and use of armaments, in all present forms, and ones that may rise in the future.