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  - Tolerance historically practiced in Iran: Jewish lawmaker
Tolerance historically practiced in Iran:...
Not like in the Western world where it was belatedly introduced, tolerance has been practiced in the historically multicultural context of Iran, where the...
  - Trump and Human Rights
Trump and Human Rights
Donald Trump’s election as US president after a campaign fomenting hatred and intolerance, and the rising influence of political parties in Europe that...
  - Trump's ISIS challenge
Trump's ISIS challenge
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump declared that destroying ISIS would be his top foreign policy priority. He signaled his seriousness about...
  - Trump’s dreams for the Levant land
Trump’s dreams for the Levant land
The Friday U.S. missile attack on the Shayrat airfield in Syria can mark the beginning of a different political-security era in the burning Middle East.
  - UN’s 72nd anniversary celebrated in Tehran
UN’s 72nd anniversary celebrated in Tehran
The United Nations commemorated the anniversary of the ratification of the 1945 UN Charter on Tuesday, November 7, in Tehran, although the day is officially...
  - Understanding Iranian threat perceptions
Understanding Iranian threat perceptions
A pervasive perception in US policy circles and among US allies is that Iran seeks hegemony in the Middle East. Israel and other regional states often claim...
  - United Nations Secretary-General
United Nations Secretary-General
António Guterres, the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations, took office on 1st January 2017. Having witnessed the suffering of the most vulnerable...
Page 10 of 11 | Total Records : 219 | 180 - 200