ISIL or Jerusalem, which is the problem?

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Publish Date : 12/13/2017 15:33
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ISIL or Jerusalem, which is the problem?
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“Unfortunately, President Trump just destroyed any possibility of two states” said Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian’s chief peace negotiator, after President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday, 6 December, that the US formally recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will begin the process of moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to the city.

The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital is yet another painful blow to Palestinian morale as it once again showcases how international powers act without acknowledgement for, or recognition of, Palestinians despite them being the population that bears the brunt of the ramifications.


Since the US announcement, widespread demonstrations and violent clashes have occurred between Palestinian protestors and Israel Security Forces throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza. “I am particularly concerned about the potential risk of a violent escalation,” said Special Coordinator Nickolay Mladenov. Meanwhile, Palestinian groups assume this a mutual coalition between Arab states and the US.

Hamas representative in Tehran Khaled al-Qaddumi said "the move has emboldened the Zionist regime to commit more crimes. He also said the Arab allies of the United States should realize that having close ties with Washington will not benefit them as the White House considers the Zionist regime above all."


Political expert believes that by this decision any chance for a two-way peace seems abysmal, and the prospect points to a one-way peace imposed on Palestinians. Sadegh Maleki, a political analyst, states that one of the goals of the emergence of ISIL terrorism seems to have been to pave the way for the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the United States. While Palestine liberation was a common goal for all Muslims, either Shia or Sunni, emergence of ISIL diverted the attention of the Resistance Front from Palestine and the Arab states moved away from the idea of resistance against Israel. Saudi Arabia started its campaign to destroy Syria and intervene in Iraq’s affairs, and to annihilate the Yemeni people. Such decisions are explained by the strategist with reference to religious drives for fighting against Shi'ism. In this context, talking about the Islamic world and expecting a coordinated reaction against Trump’s decision has no practical basis.

A review on the Muslim press analyses shows a dominant feeling of blame. They usually stress on the idea that Muslim states fell into the ISIL trap, and the terrorist group managed to become a mechanism for the Shia-Sunni challenges in the region. It has been said that the winner of the emergence of the ISIL is Tel Aviv, and ultimately, it was Tel Aviv who came out as triumphant in the post-ISIL era by Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.



Quoted and edited by: Negar Paidar


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“ ISIL or Jerusalem, which is the problem? ”