Art For Peace Exhibition

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Publish Date : 03/14/2017 11:27
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Art For Peace Exhibition
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ODVV: “Art For Peace Exhibition” at the 34th Session of the Human Rights Council

For the first time, Organization for Defending Victims of Violence (ODVV) is holding an “Art for Peace Exhibition” taking place at the United Nations Office at Geneva simultaneously with the 34th session of Human Rights Council, on March 7-17th 2017.
The exhibition is the amazing work of 30 Iranian artists delivering the message of peace on behalf of the Iranian people to the world, in the hope for a world free of violence, corruption and discrimination. “Artists have an important role in the production and establishment of peace. Fine art is a witticism that with its particular elegance affects the inside of humans, and can be a stronger than any other tool to waken the human conscience and the pure nature of Mankind and keep it safe and constitute inner peace” said Mr. Saiavash Rahpeil, the director of ODVV, on this event.
The Director of ODVV further stated: “The wakeful human is peacemaker, he is neither abused, nor does he allow others to be abusers. Inner peace is the basis and necessity of outer tranquility and establishment of peace”.
Mr. Rahpeik, continued to describe this Exhibition as: “a small example of the creativity, concern and commitment of Iranian artists, who with awareness and compassion create pieces of art for the establishment of peace and avoidance of violence.”
“Art for Peace” is being held with the collaboration of three other organizations: Art for Peace, Iranian Artists Forum and Prevention Association of Social Harms.







































“ Art For Peace Exhibition ”