Request for ICC to investigate Crimes Committed by ISIS Terror Group

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Publish Date : 08/31/2014 0:00
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Request for ICC to investigate Crimes Committed...
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Six nongovernmental organizations prepared a joint request letter, asking ICC prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda to personally investigate the crimes committed by ISIS terror group.

In this request letter which was prepared by the German-Iraqi Society, Council in Support of Fair Trials and Human Rights, Organization for Defending Victims of Violence, International Organization for the Fight against Terrorism and Religious Extremism, Zahra Human Rights Institute, and the Rights of Muslims in Belgium Institute, while pointing out the history of this terror group, it has been stressed that the leaders and members of this terror group are international criminals.
A number of examples of the crimes that have been committed by ISIS have been mentioned in this letter, they include: kidnappings, wreaking terror and havoc, destruction of places of worship and shrines, sexual rape, slavery, extrajudicial and mass executions, arbitrary and extrajudicial detentions, torture and murders.
Part of the request letter reads: "In view of crimes linked to ISIS, the report of international institutions and the position of international personalities, the contents of UN Security Council Resolution 2170, as the highest international decision making authority with regards to international peace and security, the crimes committed by this terror group are clearly classified as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes."
At the end of the request letter, the six NGOs, on the basis of the contents of Article 13 of the Rome Statute, have asked the ICC prosecutor to personally take action and investigate and file charges against the leaders and members of the ISIS terror group.

“ Request for ICC to investigate Crimes Committed by ISIS Terror Group ”