International Solidarity against Inhuman Sanctions

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Publish Date : 12/14/2014 15:33
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International Solidarity against Inhuman Sanctions
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With the escalation of unilateral inhuman sanctions against the people of Iran on the pretext of Iran's nuclear activities, which have caused countless economic and medicinal problems and a shortage of vital medical equipment in Iran, a petition has been prepared entitled International Solidarity against Inhuman Sanctions, prepared by NGOs in Consultative Status to ECOSOC, which calls for the joining of NGOs, associations and civil society activists and citizens.

Following the collection of signatures this petition will be sent to international officials and institutions such as the UN Secretary General, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, US and EU officials and the outcome followed up.
Interested parties can visit the page on and sign the petition.

“ International Solidarity against Inhuman Sanctions ”