Support of the ODVV from the International Theatre the Last Leaf

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Publish Date : 05/12/2014 0:00
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With the support of the ODVV, the Last Leaf play designed, written and directed by Mohammad Boroomand, an international play on peace and friendship went on stage in the Andisheh Culture Centre in Tehran.

According to ODVV public relations, this theatre is modern work with the combination of various theatrical techniques alongside media, which has actors from the United States, Canada, Afghanistan and Iran, which is supposed to be the harbinger of peace and friendship in various parts of the world, and following a number of shows in Iran it is due to tour the world for two years. Each night the ODVV presents an appreciation plaque to artists that in one way or another have cooperated and worked with the project.
Some of the important characteristics of this international project are:
1 - There being no dialogue in the work and its universality
2 - It's subject being the rejection of violence and war and the promotion of peace and friendship and the protection of the environment.
3 - Inclusion of artists from different countries.
4 - The project being nonpolitical, nongovernmental and nonprofit.
5 - The partnership of artists from various fields (theatre, cinema, photography, drawing and graphics and etc.)
6 - It's inclusiveness: following the performance of the play by the international group, the group then will give the play, puppets and music to a group of performers in the host country, so that the Last Leaf play will be performed for all the people of the country. The aim is for the whole population of the world to see this play.
The Last Leaf play is on stage for six nights from 8 to 13 May at 8 pm and from 15 to 31 May it will tour provincial towns and forest regions (Mashhad, Neishabour, Behbahan, Khoramshahr and Ilam), and then the group will set off to other destinations. The tour began in Turkey and will travel the world for the next two years.

“ Support of the ODVV from the International Theatre the Last Leaf ”