The Legal Counseling Hotline for Children Launched for the First time in the Country

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Publish Date : 11/15/2015 10:57
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The Legal Counseling Hotline for Children...
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Hadi Shariati a law activist in the field of children gave news of the launching of the first hotline for legal counseling on children's rights for the first time in Iran.

Announcing this news he said: "The Sedayeh Yarhayeh Hoghooghi which was launched with the help of the Defence of Children's Rights Association, with dialing 42152 with counselors ready on the line." Reminding that since 2000 the Association launched the Sedayeh Yara, and added: "Currently it's been around 3 months now that this hotline is running as a pilot, and just as the counselors in Sedayeh Yara provide answers on child social and behavioral issues, this line will provide answers on children's legal issues."
According to ILNA,by saying that the line will officially open on 23 November, Shariati said: "The line is open every day from 2pm to 4pm, and the responders on the lines are attorney's at law, who have worked on children's rights cases and or are knowledgeable of children's rights." Stressing that the questions that are asked by callers must be regarding children's rights, this law expert said: "school teachers, parents and all individuals under 18 can contact this number and ask their questions on children's issues, and the calls are toll-free." Pointing out that this hotline as well as telephone also provides other services, he said, "In other words if the legal counselor feels that the caller requires an attorney with regards to their issue, the lawyer would be provided free of charge. But taking the case is conditional on urgency and necessity." This children's rights activist explained that child criminals and crime victims are top priority, reassured that: "Although issues such as custody and guardianship of the child in divorce cases are brought up on this hotline but most of the activities are centred in these two areas."
Regarding juvenile criminals, Shariati explained: "This group of children have broken the law. But since in chldren's rights in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, individuals under 18 do not have criminal responsibilities - although the domestic laws of Iran have different opinions - therefore in view of children's rights, these individuals cannot be deemed as criminals, therefore these children are called in conflict with the law, Shariati stressed: "If a child is involved in issues such as assault and battery, murder and other criminal law issues, the parents and other family members can get in touch with this hotline so that a lawyer is appointed for the child and a file is set up."

“ The Legal Counseling Hotline for Children Launched for the First time in the Country ”
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